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Specialty Retail Store and Personal Protection Equipment in La Porte, TX
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Personal Protection Equipment in La Porte, TX

A.M. Safety LLC is your number one source for all your safety equipment and training. Supplying the highest quality PPE, FR clothing, and safety footwear, we help businesses protect their employees from everything that comes their way!

Here, you will find apparel and equipment from leading brands, including Ariat®, Wrangler®, Wolverine®, and others, with the most up-front pricing available. Contact us today for tough workwear, safety apparel, and personal protection equipment in La Porte, TX!

Tough Equipment for Tougher People

At A.M. Safety LLC, we only provide the very best to our customers. The brands and equipment we carry are the finest in our industry, offering you and your team the ultimate protection and promoting a safe work environment.

When you shop with us, you support a family-owned, minority- and women-led business. We aim to serve our community well by offering the best safety equipment at unbeatable prices. In addition to PPE and FR gear, we provide onsite safety training to ensure your team is prepared for any scenario. Visit our onsite training page or call (281) 867-8037 to learn more!

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Get the Ultimate PPE, FRC, High-Vis, and More

Whether you need high-vis vests or flame-resistant clothing, A.M. Safety LLC has everything you need to stay safe on the job. We are your trusted source for safety equipment, gear, apparel, footwear, and accessories with quality products from top brands.

Protect yourself with the best. Shop with A.M. Safety LLC today.

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